• Above are the lyrics to a technology rap I compiled after the week of class. The raps are not PE examples, but are an example of a fun tool for kids to use with our ipads. I think it would be a great option to involve struggling students who have that musical/creative interest, giving them another opportunity to show what they know!
  • I used 2 different apps to do it: "Autorap" and "B-Rhymes" (both free). The webarchives are examples of "Autorap" tracks using a verse from the rap above in each.

  • Above is the unit plan I set up using "Itunes U" videos and content. I found a great digital text from Eastern Illinois University that fits well with our Nutrition content in 6th grade. The majority of our content comes from "My Pyramid" materials, located at www.mypyramid.gov. The unit allows students a chance to be active and use technology in P.E. class while learning about their bodies. Each lesson would be a combination of physical activity, videos from my laptop on my projector, and individual work on their own laptops.

Below are some examples of the "Motivational Poster" app. I plan to use this app for some goal setting lessons and activities in P.E. My examples are obviously just experimental posters. (A couple of my nieces and nephew starring in these).
  • Above is an example from the camera on the iphone4.

  • This is an example from the camera on the ipad2.

UPDATED by Jay Elliott July 20, 2012