Lesson plan 1 - Nicole Chudomelka

I chose to use the iMovie app on the iPad 2 to make a book trailer for a 2012 Golden Sower nominee, Wildfire Run. I plan to use iMovie on desktop computers with my 5th graders to make book projects since when don't have iPads. I will teach/review the copyright free image sites, Picts4Learning and Morguefile to get images for this project. Other images may need to come from Google images. Discussions about online safety and how to cite its images will be reviewed. I used Soundsabounds, a district subscription, for the music. GarageBand could also be used.

Wildfire Run

Lesson plan 2 - Nicole Chudomelka

I used the Animoto app to make a quick video on solids, liquids, and gases for first grade. Even though 12 images are allowed, I was only able to use 8 or the content would have been cut off. This is a quick way to give kids something to think about before opening the textbook. While I am unable to use this app with students, based on district policy, it would be a great tool for teachers.

Matter Intro

Sara VanArsdel
Building Words With the iPad Lesson Plan #1

Sara VanArsdel
Writer's Workshop Labeling With the iPad Lesson Plan #2

Lesson 1 and 2: Sara Hasenauer and Carla Kaup
Book Promo Lesson - 4th Grade
The students will read a book and create a trailer to persuade other students to read the book. iMoive will be used to create a trailer to promote the book. Students will be assessed by the rubric.


Socrative App Lesson - 4th Grade
Lesson Idea – Focus Grammar with a Prewriting Activity

The students will type ONE word responses that are creative and appropriate using the student Socrative App

The teacher will ask the student to …
  • Type a noun – then vote
  • Type in a verb – then vote
  • Type an adjective – then vote
  • Type an adverb – then vote

Teacher NOTE: Be Sure to vote after each question and write favorite word on board to be used to write paragraph using the short answer option of the Socrative App. Teacher will assess as answers are being displayed on the board and can discuss any incorrect responses. The students will work hard to create the best paragraph to be voted on at the end of the lesson.

Lesson Extensions:
Types of sentences
Type stories in blog

Math Center Apps - Carla Kaup

iPad Screenshot Research Project-- Sara Hasenauer

Storylines- Plan for 1st Graders (Kristin Soper)

Silent Movie Director- For 1st grade SS Unit (Kristin Soper)

Vintage Scene Video

Check out this application on the App Store:

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Christine Williamson-Monster Squeeze Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

Christine Williamson-Geoboard Lesson Plan for Kindergarten