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Students Top Six Favorite Coding Apps

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Free Apps and Sites students use to learn programming and coding.
external image IMG_1088.jpgexternal image codeorg.png - Website
We used the site each day. It was the basis for the programing class. We completed both "Plugged" and "Unplugged" activities.

Scratch - Website
Students will need to have an email account to use Scratch on the website.

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ScratchJr - App
ScratchJr was one of my
students favorites for coding. Students were able to program their own games and interactive stories. They created characters that they were able to make move, dance, jump, and even sing. They were extremely motivated as they were using language and math to design projects and solve problems. ScratchJr was developed by MIT.

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external image IMG_1032.jpgLightbot -
One Hour Coding - App
Students can guide a robot to light up tiles inLIghtbot. They used procedures and commands to solve 50 different levels. As they work through the levels they collect challenge stars. Students use their programming skills with procedures, using loops and conditionals. It helped introduce my students to programming concepts.
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LEGO - Mindstorms -
Fix the Factory - App There is a LEGO robot that students use code and commands to program. You pick up multi-colored battery packs and put them where they belong. Students program the robot to get through a maze to power up the factory.

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The Foos - App
Students had to program characters in The Foosto complete the different levels. There are forty-two levels plus a toy box for students to use. They can creatively create their own programs.

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external image IMG_1599.jpg
Cargo-Bot Students teach a robot to move crates by using code in Cargo-Bot. There are 36 puzzles and it uses the program Codea.

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Kodable is a kid-friendly way to introduce programing concepts. It is much better with the current updates. Students guide a character along a path and they use loops and commands. Students unlock levels and fuzzes as they work their way through the program. New functions have been added now there is even an underground.

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Codeacademy provides students an overview of basic concepts involved with coding games and software.. They are given step-by-step samples of code. Students complete projects broken into three different stages.

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external image tynker.pngTynker - App
When using Tynker there are story puzzles where students can solve by dropping and dragging to create code blocks that are visual. Students have to break down problems into small steps. They are able to create their own puzzles. The major disadvantage for my students was Tynker had only one free game available and the rest are in-app purchases that we were not able to get.

Tynker - Website
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Hopscotch - App
Hopscotch is similar to ScratchJr. My students enjoyed it as they used building blocks to create animation, programs and games. They had to drag and drop blocks for their protects My students really liked the aspect that they can play each others projects.

external image ToyEngine.pngexternal image IMG_1591.jpg
Toy Engine - App
This was several of my students favorite, but the majority of them found it very challenging. Students can design their own game by using visual scripting. They learned more in-depth programming skills and sharpened their programming skills using functions, variables, and events.

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KineScriptLite - App
Students use visual programming language to create stories, games, and animation. My students really liked the movements and sound effects. What they created can be shared through email.

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Pyonkee - App
Pyonkee is based on Scratch. Students create visual blocks to create animation, games and stories of their own. It is more challenging than ScratchJr and Tynker as they start programming right away without step-by-step guidance.

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Daisy the Dinosaur - App
This was too easy for the students I was working with. It is geared toward five and six year-olds. Students have to get Daisy the Dinsosaur to dance by using loops and commands. After students make it though the challenges they created their own games.